(EUROPE) On May 13-15 2022, There Was a Small Conference for Encounter Coworkers in Heidelberg

by UBF HQ   05-25-2022   0 reads

By R*einer Schauwienold

On May 13-15, 2022, there was a small conference for Encounter coworkers in Heidelberg. It was the full team's first offline meeting since the pandemic, and the purpose was to have fellowship, strengthen their team, and to pray and prepare for the upcoming Encounter conference on August 17-20 in Mainz. Although some could not attend, a total of 9 members had joyful fellowship, graceful Bible study, discussion and prayer. On Saturday evening, they organized a hybrid worship service for the youth. Please continue to pray for the coworkers so that they can continue to support our youth, second gens, and students in Europe well and for blessed preparations for the conference where all participants can meet God personally.