(GREECE) Athens I and II UBF Had a Easter Sunday Service Based on Matthew 28 on April 24, 2022

by UBF HQ   05-17-2022   0 reads

By P*aul Lee

Athens I and II UBF held a united Easter Sunday service on April 24, 2022.

S*amuel Woo Jr. delivered a message on the risen Lord Jesus based on Matthew 28. I*sidola's mother attended the Easter service, and we laid hands on her in prayer for healing from breast cancer. We pray for her to continually attend Sunday services and have resurrection faith. In early March of this year, each person planted seeds and observed their germination and growth. In the same way a small seed grows into something completely different and beautiful, so does the resurrection body. We were filled with hope because of Christ who rose from the dead. We continue to pray for L*ydia and J*onathan's family in Chicago.