(MEXICO) Puebla, Mexico Had a Easter Conference With the Theme "Call, Vision, and Faith"

by UBF HQ   04-19-2022   0 reads

By J*osue Bae

We had an Easter conference with the theme "Call, Vision and Faith" and could see clear evidence of God's work.

First, the Lord is raising up servants of His word. For two years during the pandemic, messengers have received daily Bread message training. And at the conference, each of the five messengers preached with such great power, and we were deeply inspired.

Second, the Lord is raising up spiritual leaders who have a desire to preach the gospel and care for God's people. As soon as the university opened its doors in January, they began outreach on campus. Six new students came to the conference. And currently, 11 new students are studying the Bible.

Third, the spiritual leaders are growing as stewards of God's handiwork. In previous conferences, they had been passive about making the meals. But at this conference, they took on this task voluntarily and served all the participants. Praise God for his mighty work!