(BOLIVIA) Santa Cruz 2 Had a Summer Bible Conference With the Theme "Young Man, Get Up" (Luke 7:14b)

by UBF HQ   03-14-2022   0 reads

By M*arco Shin

The Santa Cruz 2 chapter in Bolivia held a summer Bible conference during the week of Carnival (February 26 - March 1), and there were 27 participants. The conference theme was "Young man, Get Up" (Luke 7:14b). The message on Jesus who raised a young man from the dead (Luke 7:11-17) and Jesus who forgave a paralytic man (Luke 5:17-26) moved many hearts.

M*arcos Shin learned the power of the word of God that helps us overcome fatalism. The Bolivian leaders grew as they received spiritual training, listened to the word of God, and had fellowship with one another.

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