(19TH ENGLISH ONLINE FORUM) - “Spiritual Warfare for Campus Ministry”

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The 19th English Forum was held on Feb. 26, Sat. with the topic of "Spiritual Warfare for Campus Mission." The whole attendees were around 80 members in mission fields. P. Joshua Hong had a testimonial lecture, emphasizing our spiritual warfare against Satan's strongholds in campus ministries and our spiritual lives; Sh. James Odejimi shared his experience of victory in campus ministry, reminding us of our spiritual warfare under way now; P. Ron Ward greatly encouraged us to have a good fight of spiritual warfare with the power of Jesus, our commanding officer of heaven. Many mission coworkers were greatly encouraged and proactively engaged into group discussion, sharing their wisdom and experience of spiritual warfare. The 20th English Forum will be held on March 26, Sat. with the topic of "The Effective Ways of Meditation on God's Words and Book-Reading for Advancing our Spiritual Maturity."

In Christ, Ezra Cho (UBF Forum Committee)


Dear UBF Mission Coworkers,

We will have the 19th English Online Forum on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The topic will be Spiritual Warfare for Campus Ministry. We learned about the spiritual warfare when Jesus prayed through the night and raised the 12 apostles in the dark times. Through this Forum we want to gain the spiritual strength and wisdom to serve God’s campus mission in 2022 through the spiritual warfare of Jesus. Please join the Forum to have God’s wisdom and strength for campus evangelism.  

Date: Saturday, February 26th, 2022.
Time: 10am (CST Chicago, USA), 11am (EDT New York, USA), 5pm (CEST Berlin, Germany), 1am (Sunday, KST Korea)    
Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens  
Panelists: P. Joshua Hong (USA), Sh. James Odejimi (Nigeria, Africa), P. Ron Ward (Vice GD, Chicago UBF Senior Pastor)
Moderator: Dr. Helen Rarick (USA)

Presented via Zoom: The Zoom invitation will be sent out to registered emails prior to the meeting. If you want to join the 19th English Online Forum, please register on the HQ Website today (https://ubf.org/onlineforum/english).    

* UBF Online Forum Committee
   Chair: Dr. Ezra Cho (ezra5978@gmail.com)

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