(USA) 2021 Ministry Reports-USA West Coast Region 2021

by UBF HQ   01-26-2022   0 reads

Cerritos UBF started off the new year with the New Year Leader’s Fasting Conference, where members fasted for three days. Despite COVID and the fact that there were only a few people on campuses, they formed evangelism groups and went out to evangelize every day of the week. They began Saturday's Disciple’s Meeting in which the young adults come together at 11 am on Saturday to share testimonies pray together and have lunch fellowship. In order to prepare for the Summer Bible Conference, they did a church-wide chain fasting prayer over forty days. Each day had multiple people fasting and praying for the conference. Through this extensive preparation, God blessed the Summer Bible Conference and the Holy Spirit was poured out during the conference. In total, 46 people attended.

Despite the pandemic, God sent the biggest number of people to this conference than any previous year. During the conference, many people sincerely repented in tears experienced Jesus personally, and also experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. During the post-conference, they had a water baptism ceremony. During Thanksgiving, they had a communion service and Shepherd’s Declaration.

Three of the bible students declared to live as bible teachers.