(USA) D*aniel Sohn Gives MTSU Pioneering News and Updates

by UBF HQ   01-13-2022   0 reads

By D*aniel Sohn

 (MTSU Campus)

Last fall semester, God entrusted me with six students for Bible study: J*oshua Siler, B*ebe Serna, N*ay, N*ara Park, C*arter Stephens, and S*teve Austin. I also have been praying especially for J*oshua Siler, a freshman who studies Bible three times a week, to be raised as a co-worker. I want to begin worship service with students this spring semester, beginning with J*oshua and other one-to-one bible students. I also continuously pray for 12 one-to-one Bible studies. Please pray that may God bring many MTSU students to him.