(MEXICO) 10 Growing Members Got Baptized during the Disciples Conference from November 12 to 14, 2021

by UBF HQ   12-07-2021   0 reads

We, Iztacala UBF, thank God for allowing us to have a discipleship conference with 45 participants from November 12 to 14, 2021. God blessed us to learn the meaning of Jesus' great commission and obedience of faith to it. 5 people delivered their messages. 

<Messengers (from the left) – G*raciela Hernandez, N*orma Tellez, G*eorgina Armenta, D*aniel Tirado, A*ngeles Aguayo>
10 people were baptized.

<Those who are baptized (From the left): Juan C Saavedra, A*ngeles Aguayo, M*arisela Martinez, A*ngeles Meza, J*avier Castillo, J*osé A Saavedra, T*hane Valle, J*azel Marquez, J*orge D. Rios, M*ontserrat Gaona>

Please pray for those who are baptized to grow as devoted disciples of Jesus. By deeply accepting Jesus' great commission, we may all share the gospel boldly and serve Jesus' sheep.