(ARGENTINA) M. J*uan Vivas Became a Professor At the N*ational University of La Plata 

by UBF HQ   12-07-2021   0 reads

M. J*uan Vivas went from Venezuela to La Plata, Argentina as a missionary with his wife Josverlyn in 2016.

<Picture - 2020 Latin America Regional Conference in Brazil>

They took over leadership of the La Plata ministry from M. I*saac & M*ary Cho in 2019. La Plata ministry is a beautiful community for the love and sacrificial life of M. I*saac & M*ary Cho. God bless the ministry to grow to have 40-45 participants in Sunday Worship Service under the leadership of M. J*uan Vivas. Furthermore, God blessed M. J*uan Carlos to become a professor at the National University of L*a Plata to serve God's flock at the campus. May God continue to bless La Plata's ministry raising many disciples of Jesus.