(LATIN AMERICA) 22 Missionaries from Central & South America Attended an Online Education Event on November 15, 2021

by UBF HQ   12-07-2021   0 reads

By Juan moon

On November 15, 22 missionaries from Central and South America listened to a lecture on Covenant Theory led by P. Chang-won Kim of the Gwan-ak I center. The missionaries had studied each book of the Bible for many years, but they tried to understand the whole Bible by learning the biblical hermeneutics based on the covenant between God and men. From understanding the words of “ The Old Testament” and “ The New Testament,” we learned to interpret the Bible based on the covenant of redemption, works, and grace. It was a good opportunity to approach with a new perspective on the promises of the Bible that missionaries did not understand before. We pray that this education can be used for spiritual fellowship and missionary work as the missionaries try to gather during the pandemic.