(POLAND) Warschau UBF Prays for Baptisms of two Brothers at the Upcoming Christmas Worship Service 2021

by UBF HQ   12-03-2021   0 reads

by M. E*lijah S. Park, Warsaw UBF

God sends his flock to our Bible center every day. This house of prayer is abundantly blessed through 1:1 Bible studies and prayers. We pray for celebrating the Lord's supper at the 2021 Christmas Worship Service and baptizing a brother Sebastian. He has studied the Gospel of John and Genesis faithfully for the past 2 years and accepted Jesus as his savior. He is studying for a master’s degree in philosophy.

Brother Bartek has been attending our church service for a year. We pray that he may also be baptized this year. We also pray that the Lord may work mightily in Zbyszek's heart and use sister Donata as a witness of the gospel.

My daughter Polan and my son YoungInn are studying at universities. We are very grateful that they build prayer altars with us three times a week. In doing so, we are spiritually encouraged by one another.

(Far left: S*ebastian / Right at the front: B*artek)