(RUSSIA) I*saac J. Came to Moscow from Korea to Join a Ministry on October 30, 2021

by UBF HQ   12-29-2021   0 reads


M. I*saac J. & M. R*ebecca K. in M*GIMO hosted an appreciation party for their wedding with a lot of food at the M*oscow center on the evening of December 13, 2021.

M. I*saac J. shared his gracious testimony. He lived a lethargic life without knowing Jesus and weighed a lot that he felt seriousness. But Jesus came to his life as the savior and the true light that caused him to follow Jesus. With new hope, he struggled to lose his weight by faith and it was successful. God blessed him to establish a mission family with M. R*ebecca Jr. of R*ussia M*GIMO. He came with an M*SU student visa and is studying R*ussian. We pray that God may use this family as a good shepherd and Bible teacher for R*ussian souls.


On October 30th, a new missionary I*saac Jang came to Moscow, Russia from the Yeonhui UBF in Korea. All the co-workers are very happy to welcome the young missionary because they have not had a new young missionary for a long time. In particular, Missionary Rebecca Jr., who was waiting for her bridegroom, is also very happy. M. P*eter Kim of MGIMO Center is grateful to have a son-in-law and a reliable co-worker like his son. We would be grateful if you would pray for the families of Missionaries I*saac Jang & Rebecca to be united and used as a source of blessing in Russia.