(URGENT) B*ecky (Song) Lee's Recovery

by UBF HQ   11-29-2021   0 reads

Becky (Song) Lee (San Jose, CA; M. Peter Song's daughter): Thank you for your support and prayers during Becky's long surgery. The good news is that there were no huge surprises or complications during surgery. The surgeon does suspect this is cancer but cannot say for sure what type it is until the pathology results come back in 7-14 days. He was able to remove most of the lesions from the mid abdomen area down to her pelvis which meant removing the uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries and a portion of her colon. He was able to reattach the colon safely (great news). There was some disease near her diaphragm and liver that he was unable to remove because it was located too close to some of her vessels and would have been too risky to go after. Her goal now is to be able to eat and drink and go to the bathroom without any issues and to make sure her colon repair heals well. Please continue to pray for her recovery.