(AUSTRALIA-INTRODUCTION TO UBF CHAPTERS) 2021 Macquarie UBF Ministry Thanksgiving & Prayer Topics

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*Chapter Director: M. Mark & Ruth Lee
*Macquarie UBF was founded in 1996

Photo (below): Macquarie UBF Young Leaders and Missionaries

Thanksgiving & Prayer Topics

Sowon J. (M. John Jr. & Faith Jun’s Daughter)

  • I thank God for keeping me safe and healthy in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Due to rising COVID-19 cases, many changes were made to both my school and external exams. I thank God for answering my prayers and allowing my school exam block to be rescheduled so that it wouldn't clash with my UCAT.
  • I thank God for providing me with a supportive network of people who I can always turn to for help during tough times.
  • I pray that I will be able to see past the difficulties of this lockdown and instead use it as an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God.
  • I pray for my upcoming exams that I will be able to just try my best and not be anxious knowing that ultimately my marks are in God's hands.
  • I pray that I won't become lazy during the lockdown and keep pushing myself to pray, read the bible, study and maintain a good sleep schedule.

David J. (M. John Jr. & Faith Jun’s Son)

  • Thank God for keeping our family, friends, and our UBF community in Sydney safe! ▪ Prayer topic - Please, pray for that COVID-19 ends

Rebecca K. (M. Andrew & Maria Kim’s Daughter)

  • Thank God for His presence at all times
  • Thank God for the opportunity and motivation to study medicine
  • Thank God for granting me good friends
  • To develop my personal relationship with Jesus
  • To be more involved and settle well in my new church
  • To be successful in my university studies

Esther K. Jr (M. Moses & Esther Kang’s 1st Daughter)

  • Thank God for protection during the outbreak.
  • Thank God for the clinical experience goes well.
  • Thank God for good friends to help each other.
  • To grow in bearing fruits of the holy spirit.
  • To be a diligent and capable medical student.
  • To find my identity and worth in being a child of God and to share his Grace.

Rebekah K. (M. Moses & Esther Kang’s 2nd Daughter)

  • Thank God for campus Christian meetings (EU) and serving/learning as a leader.
  • Thank God for good friends to help each other.
  • Keep sharing the gospel and have a heart for the lost.
  • Serve campus Bible study with wisdom and humility
  • To be diligent in my studies and work

David K. (M. Moses & Esther Kang’s Son)

  • Thank God for guiding me to study at QLD
  • Thank God for protection from the outbreak.
  • To become a better more confident communicator.
  • To read the Bible and pray daily and to grow in a relationship with him.
  • To be successful in my study at QU (Brisbane)

Parick & Bona

  • Thank God for granting a full-time job to Bona to support her family and Patrick to focus his Ph.D. study.
  • Thank God for protection from the outbreak.
  • Thank God for Josie(daughter-4y) to grow and settle down well at pre-school.
  • Patrick - to finish his Ph.D. by August (this month) and continue to work as a researcher at UTS.
  • To be granted a visa (PR) as they applied
  • To be a good example so they can bring friends and family to Christ.

Dr. Uche and Debbie

  • Thank God for opening the door to Canada for this family
  • Thank God for his humble heart to co-work for 7 years faithfully.
  • Dr. Uche may be an excellent lecturer at Ryerson University in Canada
  • Debbie is leaving in Dec to Canada, work, and study to manage well and good health.
  • This family may be a fruitful house church to serve and co-work for campus mission.