(VENEZUELA) Venezuela Caracas Leadership Succession Ceremony was Held on October 31, 2021

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By H*ugo H.

Caracas UBF celebrated a special service for the leadership succession from Gustavo Prato to Hugo Hurtado on Sunday, October 31, 2021. Around 90 Caracas UBF members attended in person and 15 members joined online including M. Esteban Cho (Bolivia, Latin America Coordinator), M. Jose & Maria Ahn (Chicago), M. John Seo (Chicago). R*afael Ayala presided over the ceremony. Gustavo delivered an encouraging message entitled: “You are a servant of the Lord” based on Isaiah 41:8-10.

<Left: H*ugo Hurtado, the new director / Right: G*ustavo Prato>

After the message, Gustavo delivered a ministerial report of his eight years of service as a shepherd. God raised up more than 100 disciples and 20 house churches among Venezuelan college students. Glory to God for his faithfulness in all those years. Katiuska, Hugo, and Yolimar also shared their testimonies. Caracas UBF gave plaques of recognition to Gustavo and Katiuska for their effort and dedication to serving the work of God. M. Juan Baek and Rafael Ayala prayed for Gustavo & Katiuska, after that, they prayed for Hugo and Yolimar to continue leading the ministry in Caracas. M. Esteban Cho and M. John Seo gave final words to the congregation.

<H*ugo Hurtado, the new director>

Hugo and Yolimar had received a calling of God to establish Maracaibo UBF in 2011. This year, the chapter celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Lord had raised twenty disciples and a house church. At the beginning of this year 2021, God called them to serve God in Caracas. Please pray for us to serve God's ministry faithfully with humility.