(LATIN AMERICA) We Finished the Study of the Revelation Led by Dr. Mark Yang from February 8 to October 18, 2021

by UBF HQ   11-03-2021   0 reads

Latin America Coworkers finished the study of the book of Revelation (19 lessons in total) led by Dr. Mark Yang from February 8 to October 18. A total of 46 missionaries registered for this study, and 25 to 30 missionaries attended each lecture. Those who could not attend studied it through the recorded videos. After the study, several missionaries confessed that they were able to get rid of their fears and prejudices about the book of Revelation. One missionary confessed that he could have hope because of Jesus, who will come again. He received a direction to carry out the mission by holding on to this hope. Thank God for giving us precious time. Also thank Dr. Mark Yang for his hard work.