(NIGERIA) God's Work in Calabar UBF, Nigeria

by UBF HQ   10-28-2021   0 reads

University of Calabar in Nigeria which is also called ‘Unical’ was founded in 1973 and currently has about 60,000 students. The University is located in Calabar, the capital of the Cross River State, close to the Cameroonian border. This region has deep roots as the first Catholic missions in West Africa before Protestantism arrived. However, if you enter most churches or cathedrals, you can easily see them mixed with indigenous idolatry. It is said that it is about 14 hours non-stop from Lagos by land, but there are so many armed robbers and kidnappings that land travel is impossible, so you have no choice but to travel by plane.

The pioneering of Calaba University started when Bimbo of Yavatech UBF established Chilion International School with her husband in Calaba, the hometown of her husband, when her husband, a naval admiral, discharged from the military in 2017. At that time, the Chilion International School started with 8 students and now it has grown to have around 100 students. Although Bimbo runs the school with her husband, she also visited Calaba University every week and established a group Bible studies with students, and within a year, it became a group of more than 15 people. It is indeed the amazing work of the Holy Spirit. Missionaries went to support the new Calaba student ministry. However, they all returned to Korea. The native leaders in Yavatech UBF also wanted to support the pioneering work but they didn't have any opportunities because of the distance. The main support was through prayer for many years. Then, three brothers who were the first Bible students in Calaba UBF were nearing graduation and needed spiritual direction and vision. Therefore, Duke and Joseph from Yavatech UBF volunteered to support the first summer retreat at Calaba University. It was held at Bimbo's Chilion International School. About 15 students attended, and brother Immanuel, who is graduating from Calaba University served the messages along with Duke and Shepherd Joseph. This gave the brothers and sisters of Calaba University a sense of ownership, and it helped Brother Immanuel grow as Abraham, an ancestor of faith.

We also shared prayer topics to support for the Chilion International School. Bimbo's husband, who was appointed to the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy, is a man of integrity and truth who truly lives before God, a rare person in Nigeria. He founded the school with all his fortune and runs the school with his pension. Because they lead the school, surely Nigeria will have a bright future.