Gabriel Roberts (Chicago) (A baby boy of Andrew Roberts)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   10-11-2021   0 reads

Gabriel Roberts (Chicago) (A baby boy of Andrew Roberts): “He has gone through heart surgery recently. On 10/9 morning the cardiologist and the surgeon discovered the cause of the lungs bleeding. It’s because one of the repaired heart valves had torn at the surgical site. This was causing extra blood flow in the lungs; this heavy blood flow created pressure and the bleeding was the result of it. So they operated on Gabriel to fix that tear in the valve. Please pray that they can fully repair it and that his heart would fully heal. The surgeon also said that the lungs “took a big hit”. So please pray for his lungs to heal as well. We’ve been told that Gabriel might stay on life support for a while to give his lungs a chance to heal and re-inflate. Please pray for him.”