(USA/VIDEO) "Would You be Interested in Bible Study?" - Chicago UBF 2021 Summer Outreach

by UBF HQ   08-26-2021   0 reads


During Summer 2021, Chicago area campus workers from UIC, NEIU, and Loyola engaged in outreach at the UIC campus together. It was a part of summer discipleship programs in Chicago UBF that the growing disciples applied what they learned. This is what Alinne who participated in the program said, "I am reflecting and encouraged by how God worked in and through us through fishing at UIC campus along with coworkers from NEIU and Loyola. Thank God for all the ways that he is working! May we follow His leading and continue to have a heart for students on campus to know and to know the love of Jesus!"

May God continue to bless the Chicago area campus ministry by raising 120 disciples and disciple-makers to evangelize Chicago and the world!