(JAPAN) Japan UBF Had a Joint Summer Bible Conference from August 8/13-15, 2021

by UBF HQ   08-25-2021   0 reads

By D*aniel Jung
During the difficult time, all UBF chapters decided to have a joint Summer Bible Conference. The Title is "A Kingdom of Priests". God blessed all coworkers' participation as Royal Priesthood and a Holy Nation. A total of 108 people (Junior 31, Senior 77, JBF/CBF 28) attended. 
On the “World Mission Night”, 7 missionaries sent out from Japan attended the meeting. They are Yohan Seina Kim (D.C Washington), M. P*eter Lee (AnnArbor), D*avid Jeon Jr. (San Francisco), N*ishiyamaeri (Korea), Y*aejin Park (NY, USA), M*atthew and Rebeca Bai (PNG). They shared their thanksgiving, and prayer topics. We could see that God has been making Japan a missionary sending country. Here I want to share the news of M. M*atthew Bai of Papua New guinea.
Around 3 decades ago, M. Matthew Bai came to Tokyo, studied the Word of God, met Jesus and married M. Rebeca (Busan), and was sent to Papua New guinea. They started to establish schools from kindergarten to middle school. They taught the word of God to their students every day with prayers. They faithfully shared the gospel to the teachers and parents. Now they pray for high school to be built with government approval as a private school. Pray for M. Matthew and Rebecca Bai to raise disciples of Jesus to make Papua Newguinea a missionary sending country too.

Thank God for blessing the joint Summer Bible Conference abundantly. Thank you for your prayer supports.