S. D*arrenHildrow (London)'s Cancer Treatment

by UBF Prayer Room staff   09-20-2021   0 reads

S. D*arrenHildrow (London UBF): "I have been going through a variety of tests and operations over the past weeks to get ready for the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. I was in hospital this week having a feeding tube fitted into my stomach. The surgery was successful, praise God. At the moment I am in much discomfort, but this will pass in time. The reason for the feeding tube is that the radiotherapy gradually destroys the muscles in your throat so that you cannot swallow, after weeks 3 or 4 of the treatment I will have to inject the food into myself through the tube and my stomach. Yes, I find it truly miraculous that even though my throat does not work I can still feed myself. God is good. I will start my radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the 27th of September. I will have chemo and radiotherapy every Monday and then radiotherapy from Tuesday to Friday. It will be 6 weeks of treatment but will continue to work for weeks 7 and 8. God is doing great work in me and in those around me. He is good and his steadfast love endures forever…. Thank you for your prayer and your support, it is very much felt by me and my family.”