(MEXICO) News of the Homecoming Service of M. A*braham Hwang's Mother

by UBF HQ   07-30-2021   0 reads

By D*avid Hong
The homecoming service of M. Abraham's mother was held on July 9, 2021. She was a lifelong and devoted Buddhist before she accepted Christ. She offered many things for a buddhist temple yet she didn't give any inherent to M. A*braham though he was the only Son because he became a Christian and a missionary later. However,  M. Abraham's decades of prayers for her and Bible studies each time he visited Korea, including the whole John's gospel study recently for several months before she passed away, she finally accepted Jesus as her Savior. We thank God for M. Abraham's faith, persistent prayer, and love to bring his mother to the kingdom of God. And it was good news in the midst of sorrow. May God comfort M. A*braham and all family members with God's comfort and resurrection hope. Thank you for your prayer!