(USA) Missionaries E*unice and A*lex Xafos from New York were Sent Out to Belize as Sliver Missionaries

by UBF HQ   07-20-2021   0 reads


E*unice and A*lex Xafos (New York) visited Chicago from July 9-11, 2021 on their way to Belize as silver missionaries. They served the New York ministry for many decades as faithful coworkers. Recently, Missionary E*unice went through critical heart surgery, and E*unice and A*lex have decided to go to Belize after retirement to support Missionary M*oses and S*arah Chang, the leaders of the ministry there. They came to Chicago UBF to be ordained and will move to Belize in August. May God bless their decision of faith as they transition to the Belize ministry.