M. EstherChung (Chicago)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   07-26-2021   0 reads

M. EstherChung (Chicago, by P. Ron Ward): She began chemo treatments (lymphoma) from 7/21 daily, for five consecutive days before she can go home. This is the first round of a series of treatments that are expected to last until mid-December. She had a very difficult night last night--not because of the aggressive lymphoma--but because of heart problems. Her heart rate and blood pressure were extremely high for much of the night. Then, without explanation she began to normalize. This morning she could sit up and smile. Joseph and Esther said it is a miracle. They are thankful for the prayers of all of God's people. Mother Barry gave M. Esther the word: "God is good. All things work together for good in God" based on Romans 8:28. M. Esther has peace. Dr. Joseph is struggling with diabetes and prostate issues. He said, "I always prayed for those who are ill. Now I am one of them." Please remember these warriors of faith in our community in your prayers.