(USA) Missionary Update - Dr. E*zra Hong Returned to Korea after Participating in Boston Ministry for 3 years

by UBF HQ   05-10-2021   0 reads

I was sent to Boston to work at Genome Research Center under the Harvard Medical School and Massachuset General Hospital. God blessed me wherever I am, including in the research field as well as the spiritual growth to testify the Lord Jesus and His resurrection to whomever I met. My sinful nature still is interested in earthly success and fame. However, God commands me again with Joshua 1:9, “Be strong!” to serve Hanlim University in ChunCheon, Korea with 2 years contract. I returned to Korea safely last week.

My Prayer topics 

1) Spiritual growth to be a humble man
2) To be an influential man in my research field 
3) To serve Chuncheon UBF coworkers and campus students 
4) To establish House Church this year or the early next year if God allows

(Pictures: in Boston UBF farewell mission report )