(BOLIVIA) N*oh Jung (Sao Paulo) and E*ster Cho Established a House Church on April 30th, 2021 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Over 150 guests from Korea, Germany, the USA, and Latin UBF joined to bless them. A*braham Eric presided with Jose Ahn's message, "More than conquerors" (Rom 8:38, Gen 1:28), and special music from Brazil UBF and Kwanak 3rd Korea were presented. Dr. John Jun, Ron Ward, Dr. Mark Yang, Daniel Byun, and Elias Park prayed for them and both parent's thanksgiving remarks followed. May God bless them to be fruitful, multiply and be a blessing for 233 all nations world campus mission as more than conquerors.

Prayer Topics: 

1. May each one strives for a personal relationship with God 
2. To have a shepherd's heart for the lost souls under the power of sin and death
3. To serve the work of God in Brazil, Latin America, and Europe 
4. May God provide for their practical needs through self-support