(USA/VIDEO) Chicago UBF Children's Bible Fellowship Easter Celebration was Held on April 10th, 2021

by UBF HQ   04-22-2021   0 reads

T*im McEathron (Children Ministry Coordinator)

Thank God for the children's (CBF) Easter Worship Service!

The message was delivered by J*oe Hester based on Mark 15-16. He began a new job that he miraculously received and has a busy review coming but decided to seek God first! May God honor his faith!

There were 19 Worship celebrations presented by each family. The presentations included poems, dances, songs, skits, puppet shows, lego stop motion, whiteboard stop motion, and recitations.

Praise God for families who worship Jesus together so joyfully and with great creativity!

<Message video by J*oe Hester>