Dr. J*amesHong (Chicago) - Lung cancer treatment

by UBF Prayer Room staff   10-18-2021   0 reads

Dr. J*amesHong (NU, Chicago): “Since September I have had lower back pain and found that the cancer cells in spine, and they possibly cause such pain. I started to take a targeted anti-cancer drug. After that, it was also found that cancer cells are growing in my left brain according to the brain MRI, but they are not too big for requiring radiation therapy. Currently, the targeted anti-cancer drug is a best treatment with taking a pain killer together, and I will return to Chicago on Oct 20th and continue the treatment there. Although spreading the cancer cells in the spine and brain discouraged me initially, I accepted that God wants me to pray continually and trust him fully to see his glory and to experience his healing power. I pray that I may be thankful in all circumstances, overcome fear by faith, and live with a living hope. I pray that the targeted therapy may be effective to eliminate all cancer cells.”