Dr. J*amesHong (Chicago) - Lung cancer treatment

by UBF Prayer Room staff   08-02-2021   0 reads

Dr. J*amesHong (NU, Chicago): “I praise and thank God for healing me from cancer through a successful surgery. I accept God gives this blessing as a second chance to my life. God gave me a new life to glorify his name. God showed his endless and unconditional love to me. I pray that I remember his love and great work and testify it. By the grace of God, I am getting better in health from the surgery. Last week, I met doctors for the future treatment plan. Although the surgery removed cancer cells, they found that 24 out of 28 lymph nodes that were removed are cancer positive. They diagnosed that it is a very high possibility to recur cancer at the remaining lymph nodes near the center of the chest. Thus, I went to the chemotherapy immediately. I will have another chemotherapy in early August and then will have radiotherapy for the following 5 weeks. It is expected that I can return to Chicago in October, but I have to receive continuing therapy there. It will be long fighting. However, I believe that God is with me. In all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I pray that I can be thankful in any circumstances by fully trusting God. I thank you for your love and prayers.”