(THE 6TH SPANISH ONLINE FORUM-3/19) "The Spirituality of the Cross"

by UBF HQ   04-03-2021   0 reads

God blessed the forum with over 200 participants with the topic: “The spirituality of the cross.” 

The panelists are below,

  • M. J*osué Chun (Chile): The Cross, the Crown of Life 
  • M. J*orge Antonio Saldaña (Dominican Republic): The Cross of Mission and Hope
  • M. E*dith Nájera (El Salvador): The Power of the Cross  
  • Moderator: I*saac Park

The panelists have served God's works for 20-30 years which reveals their suffering, the power, and the glory of the Cross.

The Latin Sixth online forum in Spanish on March 19th, Friday

- The topic: The spirituality of the cross
- The speakers: M. Edith (El Salvador), M. J*osué Jun (Chile), and M. J*orge Antonio (Dominican Republic)
- Moderator: M, I*saac Park

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