(THE 5TH SPANISH FORUM) "The Spiritual and Physical Healthcare" - The 5th Spanish Forum was Held on February 19, 2021

by UBF HQ   02-25-2021   0 reads

The 5th Spanish Online Forum, titled “The Spiritual and Physical Healthcare,” took place on Friday, February 19. About 183 participants from Latin America attended. The panelists were Dr. D*avid Leal (Iztacala, México) on “Health management in Corona Pandemic Situations” and Dr. J*osue Bae (Puebla, México) who spoke on the “Prevention and Healing of Diseases – From a Psycho-emotional and Spiritual Perspective." The moderator was I*saac Park (Iztacala, México). The importance of recovery and maintenance of immunity through faith and fellowship with the Lord was discussed. May God continue to heal our nation.