Missionary Conference and World Mission Report 2021

by UBF Prayer Room staff   05-10-2021   0 reads

Missionary Conference (May 28-29, Friday-Saturday) – Online

World Mission Report 2021 (May 30, Sunday) – Online

  • We may give thanks to God for using UBF preciously for the past 60 years.
  • We may learn Paul’s desire to know Christ more and his pioneering spirit through Philippians and Acts 28 studies. Our coworkers may be comforted by God and continue to serve world mission with hope and thanksgiving.
  • Pray for the messengers and testimony speakers: WMR – P. Moses Yoon’s message and 7 testimonies, MNLC – 3 regional conferences, 9 messages and 17 testimonies.
  • More than 1500 missionaries and 2nd gens may attend the meetings (Registration may be completed by April 20)
  • Korean staff may prayerfully serve these meetings in unity. They may experience the joy of the servants in John 2 (the wedding banquet at Cana). Especially, pray for S. Moses Noh and S. Caleb Kim in charge of Missionary Conference and World Mission Report, respectively.
  • Pray for P. Moses Yoon (GD) and P. Moses Kim (Korea UBF director) to be full of Spirit and God’s word as they oversee our ministry.  
  • International Executive Board (IEB) and International Advisory Members (IAM) meetings will also be held during this time. Please pray for these meetings as well.