(RUSSIA/UPDATE VIDEOS) Perm UBF Had a New Church Dedication Ceremony on December 26, 2021

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<Entire New Church Dedication Video below>

<Introduction video to Perm UBF below>

Perm UBF in Russia had a new church dedication service. UBF general director P. M*oses Yoon, Dr. J*ames Suh, M. A*ndre Moon, and M. D*avid Lee sent congratulatory videos.

These are some of the words of congratulations on their videos. 
- P. Moses Yoon:
 "This House is a House of Prayer for all people"

Dr. J*ames Suh: "Durano Discipleship Training"
- M. D*avid Lee: "Light of the gentiles"

- M. A*ndre Moon: "The history of 10 years of Perm pioneering and center repair" 

There were life testimonies by A*ndre Jr., Mariya, and Daniel Jr., and special music programs by the church members were followed.   

Prayer Topics:

1. Lena, Mary, and Yulia’s spiritual growth as Jesus’ disciples and Lena's marriage
2. Four Second-gens Andrew, Daniel, Joanna, and Elijah may grow as Isaac, a man of God in the Bible
3. 12 disciples, 12 cities’ pioneering, weekly 50 Sunday worship service attendees
4. The new church may be used as a house of prayer for Perm ministry and the world mission


M. Andrew remodeled the old Bible house, originally part of the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) building. They began to have Sunday worship services on November 15, 2020. The Russian TV station broadcasted an interview with him last week regarding the bible house. Please pray for the new center dedication service on December 26th, alongside UBF General Director P. Moses Yoon’s blessing. May the new bible center be used as a house of prayer for all nations.