(HQ-CME) Dr. S*amuelH.Lee Gave a Lecture to 18 Latin Coworkers on November 8, 2020

by UBF HQ   12-09-2020   0 reads

Dr. S*amuelH.Lee, a member of Continuing Missionary Education (CME) gave an online lecture on November 18th and 18 Latin coworkers including 8 native leaders and 10 missionaries participated. His lecture is about the worship with 7 series and he gave the series: 1. The biblical definition of worship 2. The church, as a worship community, and 3. Historical development of worship. He will continue to give the rest of the series on December 15th, and the following lectures will be 4. Basic elements of worship 5. Worship and Holy Communion 6. Worship and message, and 7. Application and practical suggestions of our community.