Coworkers who tested COVID-19 positive

by UBF Prayer Room staff   11-23-2020   0 reads

  • M. J*osephSohn and his family (New Jersey) contracted COVID-19 and are struggling with symptoms. Please pray that they may be recovered soon and stay strong in the Lord.
  • M. A*braham and S*arahSohn (Evanston, Canada): Their children are now completely healed. M. Abraham and Sarah are recovering and still have some lingering symptoms. Please pray for their complete recovery.
  • M. Grace Min and David Min, Jr (LA) tested COVID-19 positive. Please pray for their recovery and family.
  • M. P*ierreJung (Montreal, Canada) tested Covid-19 positive. He is a front line worker. Pray for his complete recovery. Pray for the protection of his wife Monique and three young boys.
  • S. J*acqueline (Riverside, USA) is home taking medicines (a strong anti-inflammatory cough medicine and a lung inhaler). The doctor said that the symptoms (back, head, throat, and joint pain, dizziness, fatigue, cough, upset stomach, etc.) may last for up to 3-4 months. S. Roberto is recovering and had to go to work not to lose his job. His children are getting better. Please pray for this family.
  • S. D*anielZhivaev (MGIMO, CIS) is getting better. Please pray that his lungs may be recovered completely. His wife S. Hannah has a fever. Please pray for her recovery.
  • S. D*ennisMiller and his family (Chicago), K*ristin and JimS., J*oe and M*onicaPark, M*aryPark (single, graduate), J*oannLopez: Please pray for their complete recovery.