(USA/Update Audio File) Hyde Park UBF in Chicago Had a Leadership Succession Service on November 15th, 2020

by UBF HQ   11-20-2020   0 reads


Hyde Park UBF's leadership succession service was held on November 15th, 2020 via online. Now audio files are available to listen to the ceremony service below.  

By P. J*oshuaHong

P. J*oshuaHong has served Hyde Park ministry in Chicago for the last 15 years. Dr. J*ohnYoon takes over the ministry together with young leaders; Nicholas, Vincent, and Paul. He will also serve as a chaplain for the academics at the University of Chicago. Please pray for Dr. Yoon, the pastoral team, Admin team, and intercessor team to co-work together. P. J*oshuaHong prays to be a hospital chaplain from next year.