(SWISS) UBF Ministry in Geneva

by UBF HQ   10-16-2020   0 reads

There are 29 French-speaking countries. Among them, UBF ministries are in 6 countries: Belgium, Cameroon, Geneva Swiss, Montreal Canada, France (Nantes, Paris I, II, Aix-Marseille), and Rwanda.


by P*aulLee
Geneva, Swiss

We are encouraged by Bruno’s new recent Paris ministry in France. With the Bible key verse of Isaiah 44:1-4, "Do not be afraid, my chosen Israel. My blessings will be poured out on your descendants,” during the last 30 years, God has blessed our house church ministry with my children, Paul Jr. (28), Sarah Jr. (24), and a few Bible students. Since the Covid19 lockdown, Sarah, our 2 children and I began a night prayer together every Monday with many prayer topics including Francophone ministry.

Among our bible students, Y*an and his 2 children and O*tma are faithfully joining our Sunday worship service last 10 years. T*heo, a friend of Paul, also loves Bible study and comes to worship service frequently. We plan to have a zoom group Bible study every Wednesday. 

Our chocolate business is still okay. We pray to export our products to Brazil and Mexico. Here is a picture with Sarah during the last retreat.