(Venezuela) Continue to Pray for Venezuela and God's Ministry

by UBF HQ   08-28-2020   0 reads


Common Prayer topics: Political & economic stability and to resolve the problem of gasoline, electricity, and water supply

UBF Chapters

- Caracas UBF (Gustavo): Gustavo and Katiuska now are controlling and improving from suspected symptoms of Covid19. Also, pray for their children’s health

- Maracaibo (Hugo): Online Bible Conference 8/28-30 with 15 people 

- Margarita (Alirio): Alirio may establish a new business (Delivery Service-Pizza)

- Ocumare (Socrates): Socrates and Yobell may continue weekly discipleship courses for 21 up to the end of this year and determine the best timing of baptism due to the pandemic

<Ocumare UBF church extension construction. Pray for the construction work to be finished within this year.>