(ARGENTINA/UPDATE) By God's Grace, M. C*alebKuper Continues to Faithfully Serve the Buenos Aires Ministry

by UBF HQ   03-19-2021   0 reads


The Lord restored M. C*aleb Kuper's strength after M. H*annah's homecoming last year. On March 7, he served the first historic worship service in English in Buenos Aires UBF after his return to Buenos Aires in 2018. The message was based on Matthew 11:25-30: "Come to Me All You Who are Weary and Burdened, and I Will Give You Rest." He will also open a discipleship course in March. May he continue to find strength in the Lord as he leads students to the Promised Land!



Recently M. C*alebKuper decided to dedicate himself as a full-time minister coworking with M. Marcos, the chapter director. He also opened his home where young growing disciples could stay. He served them during Thanksgiving. May God bless him to be used as a Bible teacher for many young people in Argentina!



Missionary D*onKuper's name was changed to C*alebKuper. He and his wife, M. Hannah with two children have served Argentina campus mission for many years. His wife, M. Hannah recently went to be with the Lord. (-> See the related News)

The ceremony was held on June 12, 2020, via online and many servants of God around the world blessed him as you see the attendees below. 

Here is an overall program for the ordination.

*Welcome and Orientation: R*onWard (USA)
*A brief summary of Caleb's life and faith in the Bible: A*brahamKim (USA)
*Life testimony & Prayer Topics: Don "Caleb" Kuper (Argentina)
*Words of encouragement: P*aulHong (USA), T*eddyHembekides (USA), M*arcosKim (Argentina)
*Prayer: R*ussellKille (USA), J*oseAhn (USA), M*osesYoon (General Director, USA)

As the meaning of the name, 'Caleb', indicates as, "Wholehearted", may God bless him to serve the Lord with a different spirit as Caleb, a spiritual general, with two sons, Paul and John so that they may be used to spread out the gospel to 33 Latin countries and 233 all nations for the world campus mission.