(UBF PRESS-DAILY BREAD TEAM) We held Its Quarterly Meeting over Zoom on June 9, 2021

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T*ony King (Coordinator of English Daily Bread, Chicago UBF)

<June 9, 2021>

On the evening of June 9, 2021, the English Daily Bread team held its quarterly meeting over Zoom. It is a time for us to review the past quarter, discuss and pray for the Daily Bread ministry. The team has now grown to thirteen writers in three different time zones and two editors in two cities. The current writers are: K*evin Albright (Chicago), P*aul Chang (Hamilton), J*acob Kim (Chicago), J*oy King (Chicago), T*ony King (Chicago), P*aul Lee (Scarborough), Y*vonne Lee (Chicago), D*avid Miller (Cincinnati), D*ennis Miller (Chicago), J*ason Perry (DuPage), D*aniel Shim (LA), S*teve Stasinos (Toledo), and J*oe Wert (New Albany). The editors are: G*race Baik (Milwaukee), and J*ohn Lee (Chicago). We have a great mix of new and veteran writers.

During the previous meeting, the topic of different Bible translations was discussed. We asked Dr. Augustine Suh if he could attend and share an abbreviated version of a lecture he has prepared on various English translations. The daily bread team learned quite a lot from his lecture. He emphasized that no single translation is “best” and at the same time, having multiple English translations is like another tool for us to write and edit the daily bread content. We appreciated Dr. Suh making time for us.

Our prayer is that the Daily Bread meets a spiritual need for both people in UBF and those who would not consider themselves to be in UBF but use Daily Bread. This is another reason we have switched from an annual meeting to this quarterly meeting from about 18 months ago. From July 2021, there will be some noticeable formatting changes. Even more importantly, based on feedback from the readership, readers may notice a deliberate shift in the style. For years, reader feedback has been that there is too much summary of the passage and it is not “devotional” enough. We would love to know you think. Feedback can be provided on ubf.org or you can reach out to the coordinator directly at shepherd_tony@yahoo.com.

We’d also love for you to partner with us by praying for us and if God so moves your heart, to help out. Behind each day’s short Daily Bread content are at least several people who have prayed, studied, and labored to make it happen. A single day could have taken many hours to write and edit. There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make sure that it is printed and available on the ubf.org website. While it isn’t easy, every person feels blessed to struggle with God’s word and to be able to quietly contribute to God’s kingdom work that could reach anyone in the world. So if you are interested, reach out through the feedback mechanisms in the previous passage. Thanks for reading!

T*ony King

<June 3, 2020>


The English Daily Bread team met via Zoom on the evening of Wednesday, June 3, 2020. The 90-minute meeting was structured but fairly informal. It was the first time we had met in about a year and a number of changes have occurred since the last meeting. Dr. J_amesJoung stepped down from the coordinator role, A_nnieLee stepped down as the proofreader and Dr. J_oseAhn stepped down as a writer. Their service was invaluable in getting the daily bread published and we are all very appreciative of all their labor in the Lord. 

At the same time, five new people joined the team. The meeting began by welcoming our newest members: G_raceBaik (Milwaukee), P_aulChang (Hamilton), J_acobKim (Chicago), J_ohnLee (Chicago), and P_aulLee (Scarborough). The daily bread team now consists of: 

Writers: K*evinAlbright (Chicago), P*aulChang (Hamilton), J*acobKim (Chicago), T*onyKing (Chicago), P*aulLee (Scarborough), Y*vonneLee (Chicago), D*avidMiller (Cincinnati), D*ennisMiller (Chicago), J*asonPerry (DuPage), S*teveStasinos (Toledo), J*oeWert (New Albany). 

Proofreaders/Editors: G*raceBaik (Milwaukee), J*ohnLee (Chicago) 

Layout and printing: J*oshuaMin (Chicago) 

Coordinator: T*onyKing (Chicago) 

After going around the virtual room and introducing ourselves, we reviewed the last six months. Then our proofreaders shared some feedback with our writers based on their work for the 2020 Q3 issue. Next, we had an open discussion as people shared their approach on writing daily bread and asked and answered questions about writing style and content. We discussed how to improve the daily bread to meet the needs of the larger UBF community and all who use the daily bread as a devotional resource. We believe that we have been successful if we've encouraged the daily bread readers to seek and know God better through his word and prayer each day.   

We had a lot to discuss and will continue to do so. Rather than meet annually as had been done in the past, the team decided to meet once a quarter for 90 minutes. 


There was a strong desire to improve the daily bread and that starts with hearing from the readership. Until we can determine how to capture such feedback in a more efficient way, we invite anyone who uses the daily bread to please send constructive comments directly to shepherd_tony@yahoo.com. Or if the daily bread has somehow blessed you, the team would love to hear how. We do not promise that your suggestions or ideas will be directly incorporated into the daily bread but we promise that it will be considered together with all the other feedback and constraints.    

And we are always looking for help in this all-volunteer ministry. There are potentially more ways to contribute than writing and editing. So if you are interested or simply curious, reach out directly to the email in the previous paragraph.