Latin Leaders’ Education (LLE) was Served by P. D_ukHyunKang of Hangang UBF, Korea

by UBF HQ   06-10-2020   0 reads

By M*arcosKim, Argentina

For Korean speaking missionaries, D*eukHyunKang of Hangang UBF, Korea, started off the LLE with 2 missionaries in Latin America but soon increased to 20 from 10 countries which are Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Through LLE, I newly learned the perfect salvation, Justification, and sanctification. I restored my joy as a child of God. I realized that if I had learned this before, my missionary life would have been very different. 

We will have lectures on the Holy Spirit (3-4 weeks), ecclesiology (5 weeks), and Revelation (every two weeks).

I pray that many talented UBF lecturers may nurture many missionaries who are in the front line mission fields with lonely world mission battles so that they may be strengthened to fight a good fight and win the victories.