(_ndonesia) Pray for RobertMoreno

by UBF HQ   05-28-2020   0 reads

By RobertMoreno

*RobertMoreno from Chicago to _ndonesia (12/2/2019)

I should be arriving on 6/1 in Chicago from _ndonesia and returning 8/17 to _ndonesia. It may change due to travel regulations or other issues.

Please pray for the followings:

1. To legalize my marriage in the US to apply for a spouse visa in Indonesia
2. To register a business in Chicago for import and export (medical supplies) to apply for a business license in Jakarta
3. To decrease my medication for diabetes nearly 2/3 less, losing hopefully 50 pounds
4. To be a self-supporting lay _issionary.
5. Sofya, my wife may find a new job and be healthy to have children

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