M. Juan S. (USA) Visited La Plata in Argentina

by WMD   02-14-2020   0 reads

M. Juan S. from USA visited La Plata, Argentina after visiting Sao Paulo in Brazil (Jan. 15-22, 2020) and Rosario in Argentina (Jan. 23-25, 2020). In La Plata ministry, M. Isaac C. transferred his leadership to M. Juan C., a Venezuelan missionary to La Plata for a genuine Latino ministry. M. Juan S. attended their Sunday Worship Service and surprised by multicultural environments with attendees of Argentines, Venezuelans, and others who were filled with the worship hall. "I was blessed to deliver a message on the passage of Acts 16:6-10, focusing on discerning and obeying God's leading in our lives," he said. May God continue to bless the ministry of La Plata.