(Guatemala/Update) The Antigua UBF Pioneering Ceremony was Held on January 31, 2021

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(Updated on 2/11/2021)

by M. JosueHam

On Sunday, January 31st, Jo*sue and An*a Ham held the Antigua pioneering ceremony in their new Bible house. Jo*sue and An*a came to Guatemala in 1989 as leaders for Guatemala City UBF. In 2018, Edw*ar and Sy*lviaTi succeeded them as leaders. Now, at his age of 60, JosueHam begins a new pioneering ministry in the second city of Guatemala. General Director M*osesYoon, Baebong UBF, and several coworkers sent congratulation videos. May God grant the power of the Holy Spirit as they pioneer a new campus in Antigua and serve Central America and Caribbean ministry.


(Updated on 5/20/2020)


by M. JosueHam

Due to the lockdown situation by the pandemic, we are unable to move to Antigua to start a new pioneering ministry though the new Bible House is almost ready to use except minor facilities to build and prepare. Please pray that we could start the new ministry soon in God's guidance.

(Posted on 2/14/2020)

M. JosueHam and his wife have been serving Guatemala UBF ministry for more than 30 years. Recently, there was a leadership transition to Edwar T. in their ministry. Afterward, they have been planning to pioneer a new chapter in Antigua in Guatemala. However, it was not easy for them to purchase a new church building due to financial difficulties. Yet, God had opened a way for them to purchase a church building. "When there was no possible help available from anywhere to pay the money for the full contract on Jan. 25th, we had to kneel down and cry out to the Lord. God miraculously sent one who could buy our old house," M. Josue H. said. They are so grateful for those who have prayed for them. May God bless them to have a smooth move for the new pioneering ministry in Antigua. They also plan to have the Antigua church dedication ceremony on April 19, 2020, after the Central America Conference in Honduras. 
<M. JoshuaHam and his Wife in front of the new church building>