Juan S. (USA) Visited Sao Paulo UBF, Brazil after the Brazil Conference (Jan. 15-22, 2020)

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By Juan S. 
*Juan S. is originally from Korea to a Latin Country as a UBF missionary and now he serves a UBF campus ministry in the USA.  
After the Brazil conference, I could meet and encourage Venezuelan missionaries there (Jan. 15-22) -- Juan C. and Josverlyn V. (La Plata, Argentina), Luis Z. (Santiago, Chile), and Raymond D. (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
God used national disasters to send them out as missionaries. There are more non-Korean missionaries in southern Latin countries--Don K. (Argentina), Nathan (Brazil) from the USA, Efrain (Peru), Joao (Brazil), Erendira (Argentina) from Mexico, and Noe (Argentina) from Bolivia. God has been doing missionary work through UBF by sending out non-Korean missionaries to the world. 
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Juan S.