New Pioneering Story: Salaryevo Chapter in Moscow (RUSSIA)

by WMD   02-07-2020   0 reads

On 1/26, our first Sunday worship service was held. Mark 10 was my message in Russian followed by testimony writing and sharing. Isaiah 43 will be next Sunday's message. 
Prayer topics:
1. To seek God with all my heart and fully trust in Him
2. To hold firmly the word of Isaiah 43:19 and from Mark 10:45
3. To give second-generation children the word of living water so that they grow as shepherds
4. That M. Barnabas be a channel of the word of God and give his life to prepare and read a sermon on the book of Genesis
5. To serve students at the High School of Economics and Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Barnabas K.
Salaryevo UBF