(BRAZIL/Latest Update) - Little Danny's 10th Birthday

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By D*eborah Kim

After seven years since the accident, he can see and hear better now. Many coworkers sent short video clips of Happy Birthday to Him. Thank you for your prayer support! May God heal him completely! 

<Picture: Family picture - Celebrate Denny's 10th birthday>

<VIDEO (Korean) - M. Deborah's Testimony Video below shared at UBF online forum on May 5, 2021>


By D*eborahKim (Campina, Brazil)

Thank and praise God for all your prayers! Danny laughed aloud for the first time in 7 years as shown in the picture. Please keep praying for his full recovery.


He hasn't made much difference in the last 7 years. He had a Botox treatment last May to reduce his saliva because the phlegm accumulated in his throat bothered his swallowing. But the situation worsened. He woke up often because of phlegm. We had to get up, which made us physically and mentally difficult. Last year, his left hip was dislocated and operated on, and later this year, the right leg is also required operation. Please pray for Daniel, M. Deborah, and me to wisely go through this suffering day by day. I sincerely pray that the glory of God will be revealed through Daniel in any shape according to John 9:3.

*This a picture of Daniel and his sister smiling after a long time.


By AndrewKim

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of my co-workers who have prayed for my son, DanielKim (8) for the past five years and eight months since the accident happened. Danny has not yet made any major improvements, but we have kept praying for God’s healing hands upon him until he may be a witness of the resurrection power with praise and thanks to God. Now he is able to listen, see, and express his feelings. However, he cannot communicate, stand-alone, swallow food, or saliva by himself. It's hard to breathe because his saliva keeps gathering in his mouth. He is going to have a Botox surgery this month to reduce the saliva.

Even in such circumstances, we thank God that it won't be developed into pneumonia. Although his left leg which was dislocated is slightly shorter than the right leg after surgery, he is overall healthy. His right leg is also slightly dislocated. So, we help him to stand on a parapodium in order to prevent his right leg from deteriorating. (Photo) Above all, I ask you to pray for him to be able to swallow food, saliva, speak, and stand by himself. Thank you so much for your love of prayer for Danny and us. We may rely on the risen Jesus and live with the hope of the resurrection so that we may win the victory.

<2020 Brazil International Conference - 1/16-1/19, 2020>

<2020 Brazil International Conference - 1/16-1/19, 2020>

<2020 Brazil International Conference - 1/16-1/19, 2020>

<2020 Brazil International Conference - 1/16-1/19, 2020>

M. Andrew & DeborahKim 

Campinas, Brazil


Dear servants of God,

Thank God for Little Danny discharged from the hospital on Jan 5th, 2020. Thank you very much for all your prayer supports for him!

Andrew & Deborah,  
Campinas UBF, Brazil


The surgery was very successful.

Thanks for all your prayers. The surgical procedure was that the surgical team cut 4 places around his hip joint and corrected the deformed bones by putting pins on the left leg and finished the surgery by attaching some bones. He woke up fully from anesthesia and his condition isn’t good due to the pain of surgical sequelae while his body has been already weakened for a long time.

We pray for the full recovery of the surgery area, like his bones, and skins and complete correction of his left hip with less pain.

We once again give thanks to all your prayer supports for the surgery and Denny's full recovery. 

God bless!  

M. Andrew & Deborah from Campinas, Brazil


Danny's surgery date is moved from 11th to 14th.

On Dec. 14th, Saturday, 12 am, my son Daniel will have hip surgery.

Since he has not walked for a long time, 60% of his left hip has been dislocated. We pray that through the surgery, the problem may be fixed. The procedures are somewhat complicated. They cut the bones and fix the pins on the left hip bone. We pray for a successful surgery and the pain may be relieved well after the surgery. May God also grant me God’s peace and faith that I may overcome the challenges and continue to pray for God's healing hands upon Daniel.

He is still unable to move, speak, walk by himself. We pray for God’s mercy on him to be healed and used as an instrument of God for his glory.

Thanks for your prayer for Daniel and my family.

M. Andrew & Deborah from Campinas, Brazil


Today, Danny suddenly has developed a high fever and took a blood test to find out the cause. The doctor said that it might be an infection or some other medical reason but still is waiting for the results of the test. Due to the incident, he still stays in the intensive care unit postponing moving to a general hospital room that originally planned. 

He got a systemic nerve stabilizer because he has seizures. He is also given breathing aids. We sincerely pray for God’s help for Danny in this emergency situation so that his condition may be improved. 

Thanks for your persistent prayer! 



By D*eborahKim (Campina, Brazil)

데니가 7년만에 처음으로 크게 웃었습니다! 주님을 찬양합니다. 그동안 기도지원해 주신 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사를 드립니다. 계속적으로 데니가 완전히 회복될수 있도록 기도해 주시면 감사드리겠습니다. 


사고이후 지난 5년 8개월동안 김다니엘을 위해 기도해 주신 모든 동역자님들께 진심으로 감사드립니다. 다니(만8세)는 아직 큰 호전은 없지만 주님께서 치료의 광선을 비추사 외양간에서 나온 송아지처럼 뛰어 나와 주님을 찬양하고 복음을 전하는 부활의 증인으로 사용하여주시길 기도하고 있습니다.

현재 듣고, 보며, 아플때, 힘들때 감정은 표현합니다. 다만 커뮤니케이션이 불가능하고, 몸을 혼자 가누지 못하며, 음식이나 침을 잘 삼키지 못합니다. 침이 자꾸 고여 숨을 쉬는데 불편해하고 힘들어합니다. 그런 상황에서도 감사한것은 이로 인해 폐렴까지 되지 않은 것입니다. 왼쪽 고관절이 탈골해 수술후 왼쪽 다리가 조금 짧아지기는 했지만 건강하고, 오른쪽도 약간 탈골 상태이지만 악화되지 않도록 parapodium에 자주 세우고 있습니다. (사진) 이번달에 보톡스를 해서 침을 줄이도록 할 예정입니다.

무엇보다 음식과 침을 삼키고, 말을 하고, 몸을 스스로 가눌 수 있도록 계속 기도 부탁드립니다. 다니와 저희를 위한 사랑의 기도에 감사를 드립니다.
저희가 날마다 부활의 예수님을 의지하고, 또 부활의 산소망으로 하루 하루 승리할 수 있기를 기도합니다.

Andrew & Deborah,  
Campinas UBF, Brazil


브라질 캄피나스 김 다니엘 긴급 중보기도 다시 요청합니다.

오늘 낮에 중환자실에서 일반 병실로 옮기려다 열이나서 피검사를 하니 아직 원인이 명확하지 않는데 감염이 된 것 같다고 합니다. 피배양 결과를 기다리고 있고 경기를 해서 현재  전신 신경 안정제를 놓은 상태에 기계로 호흡 보조를 받게 되었습니다.

지금까지 다니와 저희 가정을 인도하신 신실하신 주님께서 함께하사 회복케 도우시길 간절히 기도합니다 

김안드레 데보라 드림


브라질 캄피나스 김다니엘 수술은 잘 끝났습니다.

고관절쪽으로 4군데를 찢었고 교정을 하고 왼쪽다리에 핀을 박고 다리를 잘라서 제자리에 넣고 일부뼈를 붙였다고 합니다. 마취에서 깨어났고 아무래도 다니 현재몸상태가 장애가 있어 통증이 있으니 좀 힘듭니다. 앞으로 수술한부위(뼈가 잘붙고 제자리에 잘 적응하고 피부 등) 가 문제없이 잘 아물고  통증이 오래가지 않도록 기도해주세요.

수술위해 기도해주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다 

Andrew & Deborah Kim 드림

오는 12월 14일 수요일에 아들 다니엘이 고관절 수술을 받게 되어  기도를 부탁드립니다. 오랫동안 걷지않아 왼쪽 고관절이 60% 이상 탈구되어 제자리로 끼우는 수술을 합니다. 뼈를 자르고 엉덩이뼈에 왼쪽 고관절을 끼우고 핀을 박아 고정시키는 수술인데 문제없이 잘되고 수술후 통증이 없도록 기도해 주세요. 현재로는 2일정도 입원하고 퇴원해서 집에서 3주정도 회복하는 일정입니다. 제 안에 하나님의 평강과 굳센 믿음을 주셔서 두려움을 몰아내주셔서 이를 잘 감당토록 기도해주시면 감사하겠습니다. 

아직 스스로 움직이지 못하고 말도 못하고 걷지도 못하는데 '주가 쓰시겠다' 말씀대로 현재 모습에서 풀어주셔서 어떤 모양이든지 주님께 쓰임받는 인생살도록 기도해주세요. 기도와 사랑에 늘 감사드립니다.

M. Andrew & Deborah Kim 드림