A Beautiful Fall Discipleship Conference was Held on October 12-14th, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine

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By P. Jacob P.

Kyiv Fall Discipleship Conference ‘Follow Me’ was spent on Oct 12-14 in the picturesque retreat center near Kyiv. 84 attendants joined, including 4 international guests: Teddy H. (Chicago, USA), Andrew C. (Montreal, Canada), and 2 sisters from Middle Asia. Also, we have delegations from Podil and Odesa UBF.

Young disciples of Kyiv UBF were actively involved in conference preparation, taking responsibility for back-end organization, music, and entertainment programs. 

Our main goal was to learn more about following Jesus according to our key verse Mark 1:17. So we had 5 special lectures about discipleship and following Jesus:

  • ‘Saved, Called, Purposed and Graced (Core Discipleship Through the Lifespan)’ by Andrew C.

  • ‘Being with Jesus in His Word, in Worship, in Prayer’ by Teddy H.

  • ‘Following Jesus and a community of believers’ by Jonathan S.

  • ‘Following Jesus and evangelism’ by Dmytro S.

  • ‘Following Jesus and marriage’ by Oleskandr Z. 

Questions and Answers sessions after each lecture were great opportunities for speakers to share personal experience and minister to listeners.

Also, God raised two young brothers Oleg D. (Mark 3:13-19) and Benjamin S. (Romans 8:28-32) as evening-program messengers. 

All lectures and messages, including the opening word by Jacob P., Sunday message by Matthew G. and closing word by Abraham M., helped us to focus our eyes on Jesus and hear his calling to live as his disciples in every sphere of our lives.

Live testimonies of Oksana P., Maria M., Larysa B., Ruslana S., Sophia S., Sveta Y., Esther, Ira S., and Katia V. were filled with grace of salvation and calling. Despite many hardships, sisters confessed that our good God is leading their lives to transform them into the image of his Son Jesus.  

Thank God for blessing Kyiv Fall Discipleship Conference abundantly! 

We pray that God may raise young disciples (Olen, Benjamin, Natalka F., Natalka T., Ruslana and Veronica) as next-generation faithful servants of God in our church. Also, we pray to start a new outreach ministry for university students and young people. May God make Ukraine a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!

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