Central Asia International Bible Conference and a New House Church in Almaty, Kazakhstan (8/16-18, 2019)

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Highlights of the conference; 

On the first day, an opening message was given by Francis (Astana 2) based on John 14 and an evening message was given by Ulan (Oshi) based on John 5. The 2nd-day lecture was delivered by Ilbasar (Almati) based on John 8. Bolat from Astana chapter delivered Lecture 3 based on Luke 23 and lecture 4 was delivered by Joshua who came from Bishkek based on John 21. God blessed the wedding of new international house church between Georgiy (Baumann UBF, Moscow) and Lilya (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) at the conference. 

<A New House Church between Georgiy (Baumann UBF, Moscow) and Lilya (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) at the conference>

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