Thanksgiving from Jacob Patriiyuk & Noah Zaikin of Kiev

by WMD   08-07-2019   0 reads

Written by Jacob Ptriiyuk

I thank P. Ron Ward and Chicago UBF for the invitation for me and Noah to visit UBF HQ from July 11-22, 2019. The first reason for this visit was Noah's ordination to pastor to provide the sacraments (baptism and holy communion) in our center. And I thank God that it was done. The second reason was the possibility for us to learn a lot from Chicago missionaries, brothers and sisters. I am thankful for 1 Timothy and Philemon Bible studies with P. Ron Ward, P. Mark Vusekovich, P. Teddy Hembekides, and M. Mark Yang. I am thankful to participate in some meetings (United Friday meeting, HQ Bible Study, Chicago Staff Bible Study, Northside Fellowship meeting), in Sunday worship service (in Chicago and DuPage centers) and even to participate in the wedding ceremony! I am thankful for fellowship during breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I've received so much love and service from brothers and sisters! I've learned a lot from them.

Please, pray for me to be a good minister of Christ Jesus based on 1 Tim.4:6.

Please pray for Kyiv UBF:

- to have unity between native shepherds (based on John 17:21) after leadership transfer;

 - for evangelism between campus students;

 - for discipleship;

  - for peace in Ukraine after Russia offensive in 2014.