M. Esteban Cho (Latin coordinator) and Pauline's Visit to Paraguay (5/7-12)

by WMD   05-23-2019   0 reads

In Paraguay, there is only one missionary family, M. Andres, and Ana Heo. In spite of the difficult economic situation, they have kept their faith. Their children Andrew, Moses, Isaac, and Gloria are growing very well.  Especially Andrew and Moises are studying in the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, the best university in Paraguay where Paraguay UBF is pioneering.  Andrew is a very obedient and good coworker. S. Hannah from Bolivia is preparing to go to Paraguay as a missionary. The purpose of our trip was to research several practical things to send her to Paraguay. We pray that may God strengthen M Andrew Hur and deliver a powerful message in SWS, and the 2nd generation Andrew and Moses may grow as disciples. May God also open the way to send Sh Hannah to Paraguay as a missionary.